Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Workshop Information

Registration is now open for the 20th Annual 

Eastern European Research Workshop 

 August 6-10, 2013 
Plaza Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah

Please visit our new workshop pages for complete program, event,
and travel information as well as both mail-in and online registration:


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Winding Up

A week has passed since the workshop ended and I think (I think) I'm finally recuperated :)  No one's fault but my own for coming without sufficient on-site assistance to avoid wanting to clone myself three times.  I'm glad to say that appears to be remedied as I've had some wonderful volunteers to help next year!

I would be quite remiss if I didn't post a HUGE thanks to each of our presenters, the hotel staff, and the many hands that helped along the way.  We had a wonderful group of attendees and a lot of fun this year.  I'm already looking forward to 2013. 

So that's a wrap.  Happy researching to all! And to all a good night. 

No, that isn't how it goes.  I still have much work to do--sending out a final survey, making sure you are each on the mailing list for next year, gathering permission for photos, and getting the program outlined and ready for announcement by October 1st.  2013 is just around the corner for the planning committee.  So, let's try this again--happy researching to all, and I hope to see you next year.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following winners of the door prizes:

Mary Dougherty Daoui -- winner of a six-month World Deluxe Membership at

Diane Oswald -- winner of a six-month World Deluxe Membership at

Gerry Schmidt -- winner of a four-night stay at the Plaza Hotel

Richard Neiman -- winner of a full registration for the 2013 FEEFHS Workshop

Thanks to the prize donors

If you have attended a FEEFHS Workshop before, you know that we normally don't have door prizes or drawings.  Just another fun little change.  I like change :)  At least when it enhances the event.  And in this case, I think getting the chance to come back at no charge,  stay at no charge, or research at no charge is a definitely enhancement.

Thanks to three wonderful contributors, we have some great "door prizes".  Thanks to the following sponsors:, who provided two six-month subscriptions for a World Deluxe Membership

The Salt Lake Plaza Hotel, who provided a certificate for a four-night stay. 

FEEFHS, who is donating a certificate for a fully-paid registration for the 2013 workshop.

Of course, you must complete the survey in order to be entered into the drawing, so if you haven't done so, I would kindly refer you to the previous post.

Survey Confusion?

A couple of questions have arisen about the quick on-site survey link we distributed.  Here are some quick answers:

Q:  I can't seem to access the survey link
A:  Type the link provided ( into the URL address bar, not the google search or other bar.

Q:  Is it accessible from the FEEFHS website? 
A:  This one is not.

Q:  Why a survey so early?  It would be nice to be able to provide feedback on all of the events through Saturday.
A:  The on-site survey provides me a quick assessment of things in general.  We made a lot of changes to the program outline, the special events, and registration procedures this year.  Getting as many survey replies on those general issues immediately while they are fresh on your mind was important.  AND it gives us a way to have a fair drawing for those door prizes :)

Q:  Will I be able to turn in more specific information about the presenters and consultations?
A:  Yes.  You will receive information about how to provide this level of feedback after the workshop.

SO, if you haven't already completed the survey, please click here to to so.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Family Affair

I took several photos today.  Lot os fun shots, mostly of people learning and networking and sharing.  

Here is my favorite -- The Schmidt brothers.  Two from Illinois, one from Texas, and one from Ohio.  I just happened to catch them between classes collaborating and sharing.  Coming from a family where most run for their lives when I even hint that they might want to learn how to do this type of research, I really appreciate this group.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursdays Presentations & Events

Besides the "Getting Started Track" written about in a separate post, today's attendees were treated to presentations on three other specialty areas of research:
  • Joanne Sher presented "Beginning Jewish Research" and "Holocaust Research"
  • "Beginning Crotian Research" was presented by Thom Edlund
  • Dave Obee presented "Germans-from-Russia Research"

This was followed by the opportunity to get to know each other a little at the new Networking Luncheon.  I always enjoy making new friends and meeting people researching in similar areas.   And of course, then we got started with one on one consultations. 

Since most of my day was spent working behind the scenes this year rather than listening to the experts, I'm excited to hear what others have to say.  There's the invitation.  Post away--or rather comment away.

Crossing the Pond

Today we were treated to an "Introduction to Eastern European Research" by Dave Obee at the opening general session.  Then one of the tracks--the "Getting Started" track followed up with classes on how to use the Family History Library and how to trace our immigrant origins, with presentations by Todd Knowles and Joe Everett.  There appears to be a large contingency of participants at this year's workshop that are either just getting started with research on their Eastern European ancestors or have hit a brick wall, so to speak, trying to "cross the pond".

As the result, there were quite a few of us working away on the computer, attempting to find that miraculous record that would lead to the "village of origin"--the key to being able to "cross the pond" with further research.  What a lot of fun it was to hear the excitement (ok trying to be quiet but still excited in a library is a task) as a record helping to build a better framework on the immigrant family was found. 

Hopefully some of you still trying to cross the pond made some headway.  A huge thanks to Joe Everett and Joanne Sher for patiently making the rounds to help this group with some "beginning" consultations.

How far did you Travel to Get Here?

Whether by plane, train, or motorcycle, take a minute and tell us where you are from.  Years ago at a family reunion we had a prize for the one that took the longest to get there.  Ironically, it wasn't the family that traveled the farthest, it was the family that stopped at every place along the way--a vacation of sorts within a vacation.  So, no contest here, just a bit of fun.

I'll start.  I live just down the freeway in Springville, UT.  But that wasn't always the case.  I've also haunted places in California, Iowa, Texas, and Minnesota.  Coming to Utah to do genealogy research was one of my favorite trips.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FEEFHS Workshop Attendee Thoughts

This is the call to all FEEFHS workshop participants to take a moment and blog about your experience here. 

Each day I will make sure that there are several topics posted for you to comment on.  Please share your thoughts, your experiences, your great finds, etc. for all of us to read by commenting on one of the topics posted. 

If you have a specific topic you want to see covered, just let me know.

Happy blogging, and enjoy the workshop!